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Three times Sam Winchester wasn’t possessed. (1/3)

Title: Three times Sam Winchester wasn’t possessed. (1/3)
Author for part one: starrylizard
Rating: Gen, Teen, no spoilers this part
Notes: These are three stories on a theme, written round robin-style by starrylizard, rinkle and heylittleriver. They can be read separately or together and we’ll be posting them a day apart.
Summary for part one: Sammy had always been a fairly easy baby in the scheme of things...

Sammy had always been a fairly easy baby in the scheme of things, something for which John had been grateful. Sam had had none of the colic that had kept both he and Mary awake for nights on end when Dean was a baby, he was rarely sick and he was usually pretty quiet unless startled by something.

Another blessing had been that the deep rumble-vibration of the Impala engines apparently worked as well as any lullaby, sending Sammy straight off to sleep. Considering the number of driving miles his kids were stuck with and, living the life they did with John dragging them from place to place, that truly was a miracle.

Sammy’s large green eyes seemed to passively take in the world as if cataloguing everything for future reference. Sometimes John thought that might bite him later, but mostly he was just happy his boy seemed bright. The odd distressed cry or whimper was always well deserved and John could usually figure out what it meant before things got too ugly.

Yes, Sammy had always been a good baby, and so it caught John off guard when his youngest son suddenly went from a quiet (though incredibly messy) contemplation of his dinner to...

“Nonononononono!” Sammy cried, flinging food off his tray table and onto the floor. The little guy smacked his small fists down on the highchair, smooshed peas flying to the floor as he swiveled and twisted about unhappily, legs smacking against the seat. “Daddy, no!”

John froze, turning to see what could possibly be making Sam so unhappy, before quickly moving over to his side.

“Hey, kiddo. Calm down. What’s wrong?” He kept his voice to the low rumble that both his kids seemed to find most soothing, but Sammy didn’t seem to notice him at all. He just smacked his bowl with his spoon, thus flinging mushed carrot into his father’s face and down his clean shirt.

John reached down to pick Sammy up, but he wouldn’t stop twisting, little legs thrashing about, and John soon changed his mind, too afraid he’d bruise his son on the way out of the highchair.

“Dean, what happened?”

Dean was standing stock-still in the small apartment kitchen, head tilted as if completely awed by his brother’s display. He shrugged and then suddenly sucked in a breath, before turning and bolting into the other room.

John gave a sigh, swiping a hand across his face and through his hair. He looked from his youngest son to the doorway, wondering whether he should go after Dean or keep an eye on Sam. He was saved the decision, though, when Dean returned carefully carrying a flask of holy water.

“Christo!” he cried, with careful six-year-old enunciation, before flinging droplets of holy water over his brother.

And Sammy stopped screaming. He blinked in shock at his older brother before burbling happily and reaching up to feel the water that was being splashed over his little body - the cool water providing a perfect distraction from his temper tantrum.

“Dad, it worked!” Dean looked at his father, bug-eyed with amazement, before doing a little victory dance and John allowed himself to slide down the kitchen cupboard until he was sitting on the floor.

“Good thinking, son,” he managed to choke out.

And then he laughed. He laughed longer and harder than he had in years. He laughed until he was crying and his sides hurt.

He laughed until Dean’s victory dance had finished and he had sat down next to him, giggling uncontrollably at his father’s inability to stop laughing and Sammy just burbled and flung smooshed peas at them both.

[Part 2]
[Part 3]


:) Fantastic.
*grins* Thank you!

So utterly adorable, all three of them.
Thank you! :D
I love these little slices of Winchester life. Just a hint of what they do other than be a dad, a son, or a brother. Leave it to Dean to try to exorcise his brother! Thanks.
Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it. :D
Is this too cute for words? I think so. Dean's reaction just about did me in *grin*
Thanks so much! :D
So amazingly cute. I can't say much else. I love reading wee!chesters, it's always so great to read just a little slice of what their life might have been. And this was wonderful. =D
Thank you so much! Wee!Chesters are way too mcuh fun to write. :D
Cutest. Story. Ever.
*Flails* Thank you so much! :D
OMG!!!! I love it!
Thank you! :D
Aww, cute! Trust Dean to get all enthusiastic with the "exorcism." *g*
Thanks! :D
“Christo!” he cried, with careful six-year-old enunciation, before flinging droplets of holy water over his brother.

Glad you liked it. :D
that was so adorabley cute i love it!!
Thank you! :D
Yeah...I'm going to comment on this one, because it's the happy one. They're all three good! But this one is the fluffy one.

Poor John. Terrible Two!Sammy. And yay! for Dean because Dean can always make Sammy smile.
Thank you! :D
Oh my god that was just perfect. I love it. *cackles* Dean's first instinct is that Sammy's possessed so he runs to get holy water. *dies*
*grins* Thank you!

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